anda si stalker yang comel !

calling cards

Thanks you, anda comel :)

sekarang baru pukul :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

meet my gemok ;)

Doesent know much about him, only know certain thing about him ;)
he always make me happy and always beside me when i need someone to listening my prob or anything (!)
mybe he is special to you,but  more special to me . I dont know why only he can answer that question haha i said maybe ;)

He is single but not available mybe his heart was taken by someone ;)
so dont try to take him from that girl hehe

thankz to being a good friend to me , care bout me and banyak lagi la <3

p/s: blurbbb xada idea dah la haa
i knoe bile u bace u gelak haha ;)


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