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Saturday, April 2, 2011

True love

Ini kisah benar lah, ini kisah antara Yaya Johan dan arwah Amirul Aiman, Actually b4 this i dah pernah write entry about this gurl, if you all forget just click here you started to change before you die !

To yaya: hey i cried when i read ur blog gurl, you are my inspiration,actually i know about u, arwah aiman and ur blog through nana(she like my adeq) , Yaya if i jadi u pon, i rasee i tak kan setabah you, you are a strong girl actually! Your love to arwah aiman make me proud of you ! 
and to my syg. Amerrul quzier fukhriz dear i tak setabah yaya, i tak kuat, i lemah and i rase you pon know me very well right caa? i tak snggop hilang you sayang i tak snggop walaupun itu ketentuan tuhan i tak snggop sayang! i dah terlalu menyayangi you sayang forever and ever you are my seoul :)

this is her blog,she posted a lot about his late boyfriend to show how she misses him badly.All her posts are so touched, i was like really speechless and only tears were rolling down when i read it.They're a sweet couple,i think if her late boyfriend is still here he would be proud to have a faithful girlfriend just like this girl.Im sorry for you Yaya,I hope you'll be happy with your new one,Imran,even Amirul Aiman can't never be replaced.Life must go on,I bet Amirul also would love to see you happy not being sad all the time for him.

She's kinda my inspiration,I'll love my boyfriend just like she did.InsyaAllah!Whatever it is,let's pray for Amirul Aiman.May Allah blessed him and hope he'll rest in peace :')

This is her link , you guys can go visit and read it by yourself :



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